Putting Mat - Ultimate

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  • The “Ultimate” Putting Mat is perfect for large home or office
  • 3m x 1.5m area of putting matt.
  • Three holes putting surface
  • Varying size areas of rough surrounding the main putting green
  • Three short flags and Metal flag bases

£349.99 + VAT

The “Ultimate” Putting Mat is perfect for large home, office or leisure centre. It offers the ideal test for your putting skills and give plenty of options due to the size of the 10ft space it boasts. Most frustrations with golf are those putts you miss from close by. The “Ultimate” putting mat, gives you all situation to make your short Putts better.

It has three holes on the putting surface with Steel base inserts and flag for a realistic putting experience. It also comes with Hole inserts too cover the hole if required. Surrounded by rough of varying size areas, this matt offers not just putting practice but gives you a a real life chipping experience from the rough on to the green too.

This Putting Matt offers a number of ways to improve your long and short putts. It would be an ideal addiction to your golfing home practice to practice your game at work or home.

Size 3m x 1.5

(Mat does need time to settle to become flat.)

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