Putting Mat - Jewel

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  • The “Jewel” putting mat is our best selling Putting Matt.
  • With three holes, two in opposite corners and one in the middle, off centre.
  • Rough surrounding the edge of the putting surface.
  • Three holes with green replacement pads and three metal Flags and flag bases

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The “Jewel” putting matt is our Best selling Putting Matt. Perfect for home or office. Its is 3 metres in length and 1.5m wide matt not only helps on the putting surface with its large putting areas. It offers a good amount of rough surrounding the green it offer the add benefit to use as short bump and run practice for those tricky shots just off the green. With three holes round the putting green, two in opposite corners and one to the edge in the middle. It gives you an everlasting amount of different putts to practice from different lengths

The three holes with green replacement pads and three metal Flags and flag base.

This Putting Matt offers a number of ways to improve your long and short putts and would be an ideal addiction to any office situation to practice your game at work or home.

Size 3m x 1.5m

(Mat does need time to settle to become flat.)

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  1. Ted

    Absolutely love this mat, Rough is great to practice bump and run shots, love the fact is has 3 separate holes and that there are hole fillers. Also easy to pack away when finished and a good addition to practise putting aswell as chipping.

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