Dual Turf Hitting Mat (120x30)

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  • Ultra low friction surface reduces drag and resistance at the impact of the club head.
  • The shock absorbing pad offers a more realistic “grass” feel for a more comfortable swing experience.
  • The cushion pad system combined with a knitted fabric and tough nylon grass blade is designed specifically to absorb club head shock.
  • Two reinforced tee holes, allowing for rotation, and for both left and right handed players.
  • Suitable for our combi mat systems.
  • Size: 120cm x 30cm x 30mm (15mm foam base, 3mm polyester scrim, 12mm turf)

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Dual Turf Hitting Mat for use in all Combi Mat has an interchangable hitting mat feature offers the player a variety of grassland experiences for practicing different shots. For the range owner this provides a very economical solution by enabling replacement of the hitting area only, not the entire mat. Very simple to change on the Anti Shock Mat Frame

The dual turf is a high quality strike mat. Its intelligent mix of looped and straight fibres reduce club head friction for an ultra low friction playing surface.  This helps reduce club head drag  and which can come into play for studio/simulator users who are working to improve their stats.

The 12mm turf layer allows you to get underneath the ball when working with your irons, and the 15mm foam base absorbs shock and protects the wrists in case you cut it a bit thick.

Size: 120cm x 30cm x 30mm (15mm foam base, 3mm polyester scrim,)

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