HZG December blog – Birthday edition

Hole Zero Golf December Blog 

Birthday edition 

What a year for Hole Zero Golf. I cannot believe how far we have come over the last 12 months in some very challenging times. From a wild idea sat in the sun back in 2020 during covid lockdown, to working with some of the most prestigious golf courses in the UK. We are thrilled to have a grand total of 37 golfing venues who have placed orders with us and 12 other businesses who have ordered bespoke company branded golf equipment. It’s been such a pleasure working on each quote and order with them and I am happy to say 97% of quotes presented to customers have been successfully converted. 

What’s that you say, you want to hear more about the journey of us this year? Get a cupper, maybe a biscuit and hopefully after you will smile and want to continue the journey into the future with us. 

Late November 2020, we got the exciting news Hole Zero Golf was ready to launch. All approved with company’s house and ready to bring a brand-new business to the market. A scary time as we were in the middle of covid19 lockdown. Golf courses were open but not as normal.  Booking systems were in place, no touching the flag, pins and social distancing still in effect.  Starting a business in these times was always going to be difficult. But we took the risk.  

We had a full website to build and we thank our web developers, Fortay media. They got all the foundations in place for us to be able to add products to the website. That was the job over Christmas that year and into the new year. 

In January, the work began. Calls, meetings arranged and site visits booked. Regular readers of the blog and customers who use Hole Zero Golf know we like to stay connected with our customers.   The majority of key contacts at venues welcomed a new company approaching them and wanting to work close alongside them, others didn’t but hay, that’s sales and in sales you can’t win them all as much as you want to.  

Over the year more and more clubs were looking to Hole Zero Golf to provide course flags, hole cutting boards, driving range yardage banners, towels with club crests on them, Hole cups, driving range mats, prizes for golf competitions and much much more.  The more we speak to a venue’s the more we can see patterns on ordering and who needs what and when.  But things were not as Rosey and perfect as we wanted. Obviously starting a new business does come with a few learning points and we had our fair share.  

One thing that Hole Zero Golf did this year as many other businesses did was network. We joined the Fore Business golf network group as soon as we started the business. We saw this to be a particularly good way to speak to golfers and visit golf venues. We felt this was an effective way to approach the club and speak to the members of the network to drop Hole Zero Golf into conversation.  

What is in store for next year I hear you say? We are thrilled to say we are working with 37 venues so far. We didn’t put a figure on how many we wanted for year one, but we are happy with this.  

We want 100 golf venues up and down the UK using Hoel Zero Golf if not more. We want to continue growth whilst maintaining a fantastic relationship with the clubs already working with us. We want to speak to golf pros about their pro shops.  We want to be involved with corporate days and supplying their promotional items for the day. We are constantly looking to add more products to our portfolio. 

As you can see there are big plans for Hole Zero Golf to move forward and strengthen our name in the market. We would like to thank all who have helps us so far in our business, we couldn’t have done it with the support we have had over the last year from many people.  

To the followers on all our social media channels, subscribers to the newsletter, members of Fore who have put us in touch with the golf courses we would like to say a huge thank you for being a part of Hole Zero Golf this year. We hope to see you all again in the new year. 

Bring on 2022.