Are you ready?

Golf, however, is more than having 18 holes on a Saturday in a comp or a lesson once a week with a pro……….”

 With the fantastic effort made by the NHS, Golf is close to being back. Hallelujah! Golf Addicts have all be watching the likes of Dustin Johnson winning at the Royal Greens Gc in Saudi Arabia, Jessica Korda winning at Diamond Reports GC in Florida and the thrilling end between Tony Finau and Max Homa at The Genisis Invitational. The later winning after the second play-off hole. We, as amateur golfers watch on and dream of booming one down the first fairway and strutting like Colin MacGregor walking into the ring.

Well, Monday 29th March is when officially the golf courses, driving ranges and golf venues open. (Subject to the Rate of Infection continuing to be reduced). But are you and the venues ready?

With many Global suppliers such as Cobra, Taylor Made, Titleist and others, releasing new equipment since the UK went into lockdown, we have been unable to test them and see which driver will be best for us. What ball feels best when putting on the greens or see if a hoodie will be accepted at your club. However, we are close, but are you or your venue ready? The release of new equipment is never an exact science and the main suppliers in the industry have been preparing for months to see the release of the new products. Many golf professionals rely on this new equipment to stock the Club shops and there is always that one golfer who wants to show off their new equipment to brag. Do you feel you have missed the Bus? Golfers want to test that new driver that has had so much promotion over the last few weeks. Putting on that new pair of FootJoy’s worn by Ian Poulter but with months lost due to lockdown has that new shine gone.

Golf is more than having 18 holes on a Saturday in a comp or a lesson once a week with a pro. Golf, to a Golf addict is life. Buying that new set of Wedges, you have been planning for since October. Is now on the horizon but what have you as an avid golf lover been doing? Has golf even been on the radar? Have you jumped on the trend of setting up a driving range net in the back garden or looked at owning an indoor putting mat like the ones Hole Zero Golf have in stock on our website?

Where are you on the scale of being an addict? 1- Ive not even cleaned the clubs yet since my last game or 10- being have brought a putting matt, home driving range net and never missed a shot of the four events which have been on TV? Wherever you are on that scale, what have you been doing to get ready to be able to walk off the course after the first round of golf of the year and wish you had done more with the time you had to recharge your game.

Tip. Count how many putts you made and think could that have been better? That will tell you if you your true scale number.

Is your course ready? During the winter, improvements usually happen on most courses. Whether it is the replacement of a tee box. Aeration holes in the putting green to make them Harder, faster, and less receptive to water or erecting better directional signage to help visitors to the next tee. Can you sit back and confidently say we have done all we can with the budget we have to improve the golfing experience for our members and guests? Members will always know better than the Course manager or Greenkeeper just like football fans know better than a manager with 30 years’ experience on how to pick a team on a Saturday or Sunday. The GM and Greenkeeper know the course better than anybody, but have you looked at it from a different angle, different pair of eyes. Is there any reason you cannot add another sign, litter bin, ball washer to your venue? Your Visitors love golf, but they also love the experience of playing a beautiful course in top condition.

So, let me ask the question again, Are you ready?